So, we’ll be back to the regular reviews next Wednesday, but this is something I’ve been meaning to do all week and haven’t gotten around to. Life has been making like a zombie and eating my brains out, and things have been so hectic that I haven’t even managed to make a rather simple announcement post.

Which naturally means it’s a great idea to pile more work on myself, right?

Here’s the thing: a couple of friends have decided to try to do this book a week Harry Potter reread, and I’ve decided to try to join them. And since, aside from Facebook, this is my main social media outlet, any updates, thoughts, or creative endeavors associated with it are probably going to be making their way here as well.

Which means more posts on this blog for those seven weeks, even if they’re simpler ones.

I have a decent buffer of books built up, so I’m going to try to keep on doing the regular reviews on Wednesday, and then, on top of that, give little update posts on Saturday and Monday. Not entirely sure what these will be yet. Retrospectives? Random thoughts? Doodles or fiction sketches? Joyful exultation if I actually manage to finish the books on time?

I’m sure I’ll think of something. Maybe whatever I do will change week to week, maybe I’ll fall into some sort of rhythm. Everything, obviously, will be tagged “harrypottersummer.”

And if the schedule becomes a little too hectic, and I can’t make a regular post every Wednesday, then I’ll definitely do one every other week. Hopefully that’s not too much of a cop-out for a couple of months.

I do apologize for the rain check on Negativity Fortnight part deux; that, at least, I’ll make sure to get up next week.

Is anyone else thinking of doing this, or even anyone on WordPress? It’s shown up as screencaps on Facebook, so I assume it’s spread a decent amount, but the actual tumblr post doesn’t seem to have that many notes. I haven’t even seen anyone discussing or tagging for it here, and it would be nice to see what other people do come up with if anyone here’s participating.

Regardless, should be fun, if a challenge. While I’ve reread them several times in the past, I’m looking forward to seeing how the books strike me this time around. And, of course, to getting back to one of the best parts of my childhood!


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